Tips on how to Save on your Energy Bill

What can I do to save energy?

The main tip to reduce your electricity bill is to ensure you are aware of what appliances in your home contribute the most to household energy use:

Approx 20% is consumed by the Hot water system
Approx 30% is consumed by appliances like the fridge, Television and appliances which are on 24/7
Approx 40% of your bill comes from heating and cooling

Some other handy tips include:

– Upgrade appliances – new more efficient appliances can use up to 75 per cent less energy than older models.

– Lighting – Upgrade to LED lighting and make sure the kids turn off the lights when leaving the room.

– Solar – a solar hot water heater will significantly cut electricity bills.  Also by using a renewable energy source like solar power, you only have to useelectricity from the grid when you need it, otherwise you are using your own generated electrcity.  Free from the Sun.

– Take Shorter Showers – use a shower timer to help keep showers to four minutes or less

– Draft proof and insulate your home — Make sure you seal cracks and gaps around windows and doors and ensure you have ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation where possible.  This will help make you more comfortable and reduce the reliance on the heating or cooling systems.

– Blinds and Awnings – use curtains with pelmets, or blinds that can be drawn closed will keep out the winter cold and hot summer heat.  If your budget permits, the use of external awnings or shutters, provides an additional barrier between inside the home and the extreme temperature conditions outside.

– Set the thermostat — every 1 degree higher in Winter (for heating) and 1 degree lower in Summer (for cooling) adds up to approx 10% to the running cost of the system.  Comfortable levels will be different for each individual, with 18 to 21 degrees being common and most efficient for heating, and between 24 and 27 degrees for cooling.

– Zoning – reduce the area of your home that is being cooled or heated by closing off and zoning any un-used area’s.  This will reduce the volume of area that requires conditioning.

– Natural and free Heating and Cooling – open blinds and curtins during winter (North, East and West facing) to make the most of the radiant heat from the sun.  Close all blinds and curtins during summer to keep the heat out.  Open up windoors and doors at night to take advantage of the natural breeze on cool summers nights.

– Washing machine and clothes drying habits — run your clothes with the cold wash and don’t use the clothes dryer unless absolutley neccessary.  Thats what the clothes line is for, especially in Summer.

– Switch appliances off at the powerpoint — even when not in use, items like the microwave or DVD player often sit in standby mode which still consumes energy.

These tips are only a few we have put together, but we are confident they will help you reduce your energy usage significantly.

Please share any of your own energy saving tips, by emailing us at Dawson Heating & Cooling.
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