Split System

As the name suggests, a split system is made up of two major components. An indoor evaporator unit and an outdoor condensing unit. The indoor and outdoor components are connected via high pressure pipes, which use refrigerant to transfer heat from the inside of a building to the outside. Split systems are very efficient to operate and conveniently contain the noise generated by the compressor within the outdoor condenser. Split systems conveniently allow you to heat or cool individual or multiple rooms at a time, with the added benefit of independent temperature control in each room.

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Types of Split Air Conditioning Systems:

The most popular style of split system is a wall mounted air conditioning system, which is often used in domestic applications when ducted heating and cooling is not required. The indoor unit is mounted high on the wall, and have minimal impact on furniture layout of the room.

Floor Console air conditioning systems are mounted at low a level near the floor, and become an option when there is limited space higher on the wall due to windows or other furniture.

Ceiling Cassette
air conditioning systems are traditional used in light commercial applications such as restaurants, clubs, offices and conference rooms. The cassette indoor unit is mounted in the ceiling, with many models coming in a 4 way airflow feature which provides an even air transfer through the room.

Ducted Split Air Conditioning
has the indoor typically located in the ceiling space or under the floor, and distributes the conditioned air via insulated ductwork throughout the home or office.

Multi Head Air Conditioning Systems
, work in a similar way, but instead of heaving 1 indoor unit and 1 outdoor unit, they allow you to have a number of indoor units all connected to the 1 outdoor condensing unit. Larger mult split systems can be known as VRV / VRF systems, which can be capable of combining large number of indoor unit in a larger domestic or commercial application.



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