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Popular in Canberra due to the dry air and low humidity, Evaporative Cooling is a common solution for the home owner who uses both indoor and outdoor living area's, with a desire for open style living. Doors and windows can be left open without any loss in the systems ability to cool your home, therefore if the kids and pets can come and go as they please, without the stress of keeping the door closed behind them.
Low running costs and fresh air through your home, are some of the other appealing factors of Evaporative Cooling.

How evaporative cooling works?
Evaporative cooling pumps cool, fresh air through your whole home.
Just like a sea breeze keeps you cool at the beach on a hot day, evaporative cooling systems use the power of evaporation to cool your home. Hot air is pumped through water-soaked Chillcell pads. As the air blows through the pads, the water is evaporated and the heat in the air is absorbed, which lowers the air temperature and the result is a cooling sea breeze.

A fan then pushes the cool air through the ductwork system and into the rooms throughout your home. Evaporative coolers can also be used in fan only mode without using any water, to blow fresh outside air through your home.
The cooled air inside the building is not recirculated, but instead flushes all the hot air out through the doors and windows, and provides the whole building with a complete change in air every two minutes or less.

Completely seal your vents in a matter of minutes, keeping the heat in and your energy bill down


Product Price
Breezair Supercool Breezair Supercool $5,180.00 AUD
Approx $3,573.16 USD
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