Panasonic is a trusted name in the Air Conditioning and Heating industry who are committed to providing the ultimate comfort solution for your home or workplace. Since the sales of the first Panasonic air conditioner in 1958, they have worked towards designing and manufacturing products with energy efficiency front of mind, whilst also offering unparalleled performance and reliability.

Split System

Panasonic split systems combine Inverter technology and economy mode to create a powerhouse energy-saving product. Designed for single room applications, Panasonic split systems come with energy efficient and ozone friendly R32 refrigerant, anti bacterial filters, WiFi compatibility, Quiet operation and much more.

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Panasonic offer a range of ducted air conditioning solutions for homes and medium-sized buildings. Consisting of an outdoor unit and a concealed indoor unit, air is delivered through ducting with vents located in each room. Panasonic ducted air conditioning is a discrete and flexible option that will bring a level of added value to your home.

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Ceiling Cassette

Panasonic 4-way ceiling cassette and 4 way mini cassettes provide an energy efficient solution to condition a variety of spaces including offices, restaurants and meeting rooms. System capacity ranging from 2.5kw up to 14kw, they include inbuilt condensate pump, R32 refrigerant, and market leading energy efficiency.

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Multi Head split system

With a single Panasonic multi outdoor unit, you can control up to 5 indoor units. Indoor units can include a combination of wall mounted, ceiling cassette, ultra slim ducted and bulkhead ducted units which can be designed to suit a wide range of applications. The ideal solution for apartments or small homes with little space for the outdoor unit location

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VRF Air Conditioning

Panasonic VRF comes in options for both small and large applications. The Mini FSV is suited for small scale commercial and residential applications and comes in capacity ranging from 12.1kw up to 25.0kw. The Mini FSV can be connected to as many as 13 indoor units. The 2 or 3 pipe FSV is designed for larger scale commercial projects, with up to 224kw in capacity and can be connected to as many as 64 indoor units. 3 Pipe systems allow for simultaneous heating and cooling operation.

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