MyAir will increase comfort and improve efficiency of your air conditioning system. Temperature sensors located throughout the home will not only allow you to turn the zones on and off, but also control the temperature independently in each zone, as well as adjusting the airflow supplying the zone for added comfort. Other benefits include an 8 Inch colour Android touch screen (with multiple home hub features), smartphone connectivity which allows you to control your system remotely from anywhere.

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The 8-inch colour touch screen, can also be used as an android home hub when connected to the internet and will allow you to check the weather, calendar, emails and play music.

Myair Series 5 App

Control your system from the comfort of your own couch or bed, on either your smartphone or tablet with the MyAir series 5 app which is compatible with Apple iOS7+ and Android V4+ turning your device into a wireless remote. 


 The motion sensors are an optional add on that will help you conserve energy, as you rotate between rooms, providing heating and cooling in all of them.  MyAir Series 5 includes motion sensors in the rooms of your choice. When they signal a room has no motion for 10 minutes, the system automatically adjusts a temperature by + or – 1 degree. If there is still no motion in a further 10 minutes it will again automatically adjust the temperature by + or – 1 degree. This change in temperature is enough to reduce the rooms energy usage by up to 20%.

My lights

 The MyLights feature is an optional feature that works as a smart LED lighting system.  The feature has the ability to adjust every light from as dim as a night light to full brightness.  It can also monitor which lights are on and turn everything ON and Off with a single tap, all via the MyAir series 5 app.


 The MyZone feature is an optional feature. MyZone can be any room with an ITC sensor, and gives you control over how you run your air conditioning system.  The chosen room will come up on the controller with a dark grey thermostat symbol next to it. For optimum comfort in summer, select the hottest room in your home as MyZone. This will ensure everyroom with ITC will achieve the temperature you have set. 



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