Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating systems have been widely used across European countries for many years, becoming very popular in the mid 1980’s.

A variety of heat sources can be used to heat or cool water, which is used as a heat transfer medium.
The water is pumped through the building where radiators, underfloor heating pipes, heated towel rails, or other heat emitters are used to transfer the heat into the rooms. Programmable wall thermostats are installed to control the temperature and ensure comfort throughout the house.

Hydronic heating is quiet, economical and clean making it one of the most comfortable and popular ways to heat your home. Its versatility allows you to customise a heating system for any sized home as well as being suitable for large scale commercial projects.

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Types of Split Air Conditioning Systems:

Hydronic heat pumps. With a growing focus on renewables in the energy sector, Hydronic heat pumps are becoming the preferred choice of heating system. Having the ability to offset a large portion of your heating costs during day time solar PV generation, your heating costs can be reduced to a minimum. COP energy ratings of up to 5, meaning you can get 5kw of heat output, for every 1kw of power input. Cooling compatible reverse cycle hydronic heat pumps can now also ensure your home remains cool and achieving optimum comfort all year round.

Gas Boilers have long remained the popular choice of heat source for your hydronic heating system. They have the ability to provide water flow temps of up to 85-90 degrees, and maintain an excellent heat output in all ambient conditions. Installation is very cost effective, and high efficiency models are now available to ensure your gas usage is kept to a minimum.



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