Gas Space Heating

Gas space heaters operate by passing air from the room across a heat exchanger, which is heated and then distributed from the air vent back into the room. Unlike unflued gas heaters, space heaters are flued to atmosphere therefore exhaust gases are expelled outside. With unflued heaters, it is a requirement for doors or windows to be kept open to expel polluted air, but with flued heaters you can keep doors and windows closed and eliminate cold draughts, providing a far more efficient method of heating.

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Types of Gas Space Heaters

Gas Space Heaters come in a variety of sizes, efficiency ratings and styles. These modern looking heaters such as a Braemar SH18, or an Rinnai Energy Saver, are generally known as a Space Heaters. Often installed on an external wall with a rear wall flue kit, they are very simple to install and come in high efficiency model to ensure you save on your heating costs. Optional wireless remotes, console or inbuilt, and rear wall register, are all added benefits to consider.

Gas Wall Furnace’s are a traditional shaped furnace that sit at almost the full height of a standard wall. Often used to replace older model Vulcan Quasar or similar models, the flue often goes up through the ceiling and expell above the roof to atmosphere. Available in a Inbuilt or console, they also allow the option to install a rear wall register, to heat the room immediately behind the heater location.



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