Evaporative Cooling

An evaporative cooler is also known as an evap, a swampy, or a swamp cooler. It works by cooling the outside air through the evaporation of water. Water can absorb a relatively large amount of heat in order to evaporate therefore the cooling potential of an evaporative cooler is dependant on the relative humidity. In extremely dry climates, evaporative cooling has the added benefit of conditioning the air to a cooler level, which is why they are often used in dry climates more often the coastal regions. Fresh air is another massive benefit of evaporative cooling, as they supply 100% fresh outside air throughout the home or workplace.

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Types of Evaporative Cooling systems:

Domestic evaporative coolers come in a large variety of brands, shapes, sizes and colours. Most manufacturers design the colour of the cooler to match the 4 most popular roof types, with Grey, Red, Green and Beige being most common.
The traditional cooler is a square box that sits on top of the dropper box, but some brands also offer a more discreet option of cooler that sits flush with the angles of your roof.

Commercial evaporative coolers are designed for larger applications such as restaurants, factories and warehouses. They allow the business to operate while leaving the entry and exit doors open. Due to the significantly low running cost they are the perfect solution for high ceilings, or sheds with poorly insulated walls and roofs. The light commercial range is also very popular in cafes and restaurants where the operation of the kitchen exhaust system, can quickly extract any air conditioned air from the premises. The cooler can act as a make up air and offset this air loss with cool fresh air, while allowing the restaurant doors and windows to be left open when required for a open dining arrangement.



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