Ducted Reverse Cycle

A ducted reverse cycle system is also known as a ducted air conditioner, or ducted split system. The name reverse cycle means that the system can both heat and cool, and has the flexibility to heat anywhere from a small single room, through to a large commercial office space.

The word split system means that the system is broken up into 2 components. An indoor component which is often mounted either in the ceiling or under the floor, and an outdoor component which is installed outside ether beside a building or on the roof.

The indoor fan coil unit houses the evaporator coil and a supply air fan. Airflow passes through the fan coil unit where it is cooled or heated, before being distributed throughout you home or office via insulated ductwork and supply air registers.

The outdoor condenser which is located outside, contains the vital component being the compressor. The compressor pumps refrigerant to the indoor unit via copper refrigeration lines, and with the refrigeration process, transfers heat from one place, and into another.

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Types of Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

There is a large variety of ducted reverse cycle and air conditioning systems on the market.
The brand and size you choose, should come down to value for money. Spending a little more now, on a brand with a higher energy rating (COP or EER), can save you money in the long run due to cheaper running costs.

1 to 1 ducted systems are the traditional ducted air conditioning system, having 1 indoor unit and 1 outdoor unit. These systems are designed to condition a whole home or office, but can incorporate zoning into the system, allowing you to operate or control the temperature independently in specific zoned areas by using zone dampers and thermostats positioned in each zone.

VRV / VRF multi head systems, allow multiple ducted indoor units, to be connected to the 1 common outdoor condensing unit. Often used in commercial applications, and large domestic applications, they are a very efficient and premium comfort solution, which allows you to operate only the area’s in your home that you need to heat or cool at any one time.

Rooftop Package units are another form of reverse cycle air conditioner, which allows them to heat and cool, although unlike split type systems mentioned above, all the components are housed in one cabinet on the roof of the building. Generally used in larger projects and commercial applications, they are a large capacity system which can condition anything from a restaurant through to large factories or shopping centres.



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