Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted Gas Heating is most commonly used in domestic homes. The heater itself can be mounted in the ceiling, under the floor, or on the external perimeter of the building. The heater utilises either Natural gas or LPG bottled gas to power the burners, which inject heat into a heat exchanger. Air from the house is then heated as it is forced past the heat exchanger using a supply air fan.

Once heated, the airflow is distributed through the home via insulated ductwork, and into each room via supply air vents. The supply air vents can be positioned in the ceiling, floor or in the walls of your home, and the location of vents will determined by the house design and heater location.

The other major component of a Ducted Gas Heater is the gas flue, which is used to expel the burnt gas into the atmosphere. On higher efficiency models the gas is expelled via a combustion flue fan.

A wall controller is generally mounted on an internal wall in a commonly used living room. This controller is used to control the system, also doubling as a room thermostat where it senses the room temp to determine what capacity the heater will operate.

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Gas Heating is was commonly installed in cold climates such as Canberra and Melbourne. They have come a long way in recent years with a large amount of innovation to increase the performance and efficiency of the heaters. The major benefit of gas heating is that the system will supply hot air into your home, no matter how cold the ambient temperature is.

High efficiency – 6 and 7 star ducted gas heaters are a condensing heater which means they require a drain to be installed. This is due to the heat exchanger being so efficient that it will condensate water, which needs to be expelled to an external waste point. The 6 star models are our most commonly installed heaters, although they come at a slightly increased install cost due to their larger size, drain requirements, and many upgrade options such as zoning, and multi room control.

Medium efficiency – 4 star and 5 star non condensing heaters are what we consider medium efficiency models. The heaters are reasonably priced to purchase and equal to the low efficiency models below, they have a low install cost. The 5 star models are the absolute lowest efficiency we would recommend.

Low efficiency – 3 star ducted gas heaters are considered low efficiency models. Lower cost to install, but far greater running cost.



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