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We offer a large range of installation materials and accessories, which are sourced from a number of local wholesalers and manufacturers. This gives us the ability to offer cost effective and affordable products, as well as high end and efficient solutions and custom finishes. We can design and manufacture any custom made air conditioning and heating components to suite your home and specific requirements.  Below is a list of grilles, ductwork and some examples of the accessories that we supply and install. 

Our Accessories range

Supply Air Grilles:

Supply Air Grilles: SQUARE PLASTIC MDO

MDO is short for Multi Directional Outlet. These ceiling mounted outlets are constructed of a lightweight white polypropylene which is both strong and durable. 4 curved and removable inner cores are adjustable and allow you to control the angle and direction of the air flow. The MDO is a versatile choice for most rooms and commonly used in the domestic air conditioning applications.
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Downjets are designed to deliver warm air right down to the floor level, while reducing hot air stratification at the ceiling. Although you can’t adjust the direction of the airflow, you have the added benefit of an inbuilt damper, which allows you to manually shut off the airflow in unwanted rooms. Downjets are commonly used in homes with ducted gas heating.
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The Elevent Swirl diffuser encourages mixing of the air within room which in turn reduces the cold draft caused by the airflow. This swirl effect is achieved via a number of rotational jets positioned evenly at a downward angle away from the ceiling. These swirl diffusers are available in 3 colours to help suite your home décor.
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Plastic Floor Registers come in sizes to suite both underfloor ducted gas heating and underfloor ducted air conditioning. Available in a huge range of colours, they include inbuilt dampers allowing you to manually shut off the airflow to un-used rooms. Built with heat and impact proof polycarbonate, the plastic floor registers will withstand tough household wear and tear.
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Metal Floor Registers are recommended for use in high traffic areas and come in sizes to suite both underfloor ducted gas heating and underfloor ducted air conditioning. Typically these grilles come in Beige colour, but can be customised in any colour selected out of the powder coating colour range. They include inbuilt dampers allowing you to manually shut off the airflow to unused rooms. Metal floor registers are made from high grade pressed steel and will withstand tough household wear and tear.
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Plastic cone diffusers are also be referred to as a mushroom grille. These grilles are designed for installation in the ceiling and can be adjusted to increase or decrease the airflow by twisting the centre cone section up and down. Cone diffusers are most popular in warmer climates that are not dependent on heating. The reason for this is that the airflow does not throw straight down to the ground, but instead comes out of the grille at an angle. When used for heating the result can be stratification of the warm air at the ceiling.
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Linear slot diffusers are designed to suit modern interiors and can be customised for installation in both commercial and domestic applications. Commonly available in 1200mm long and 2 slots wide, they can also be custom designed as a continuous length grille, ranging anywhere from 1 slot through to 8 slots wide. Ideal suited for ceiling installation and designed as a perimeter supply in commercial buildings, these linear diffusers can be used for both supply and return air. Made from an aluminium construction, the standard finish is powder coat white, while other colours are available to suite the interior or architectural design requirements. Linear diffusers also provide airflow pattern control via the easily adjustable slots.
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Aluminium bar grilles are Ideal for mounting in a wall or in the side of a bulkhead. They are designed to throw the airflow sideways from the grille and across the room. Linear bar grilles can be used as a supply or return grille, and equally efficient for heating, cooling and ventilation. Standard option is for the blades to be set at 0 degree deflection, but grilles can be customised with pitched / angled blades to direct the airflow downward. Linear Bar Diffusers extruded aluminium construction. Made from an aluminium construction, the standard finish is powder coat white, while other colours are available to suite the interior or architectural design requirements.
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Return Air Grilles:


Egg crate filter grilles are the standard option for return air on ducted gas heating and ducted air conditioning, allowing simple serviceability for a variety of applications. Designed for use in both commercial and domestic buildings, they can be mounted in the ceiling or sidewall mounted. The filter which is contained within the hinged door, can be easily removed for regular maintenance. These grilles are manufacturer from aluminium with the egg crate grilles providing maximum clear airway area which results in minimum airflow noise.
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Half chevron grilles are designed for use in return air but can also be used for exhaust air applications in ceilings or walls. They can be used in both domestic and commercial buildings. The grilles are manufactured from aluminium and the design of the blades gives a non-see through appearance. An optional filter is included in all return air applications, but is not compulsory in exhaust air applications. the standard finish is powder coat white, while other colours are available to suite the interior or architectural design requirements.
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Flexible air conditioning and heating ductwork is the most commonly used material in modern residential ducted air conditioning and heating systems. Ultimately, the goal of the flexible ductwork is to distribute conditioned air through your system by using a supply air fan, and evenly distribute it into the building via supply air registers (also known as diffusers or grilles). The quality of the duct and its insulation capability, plays an important role with maintaining the energy efficiency of your system. Poor quality duct will result in reduced system capacity and increased running cost due to thermal heat loss from the duct into the surrounding space. Uninsulated duct is NOT recommended in any heating or cooling application, but is commonly used on bathroom exhaust systems. The higher the R value of the ductwork, the better thermal resistance and a higher efficiency will be achieved, so be sure to ask your installation contractor for advise on the best duct for your system.
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MyAir Zoning

MyAir Zoning – With optional temperature Controlled Zones. Gain increased comfort and improved efficiency of your air conditioning system. Temperature sensors located throughout the home will allow you to turn the zones on and off, and also control the temperature independently in each zone, as well as adjusting the airflow supplying the zone for added comfort. Other benefits include an 8 Inch colour Android touch screen (with multiple home hub features), smartphone connectivity which allows you to control your system remotely from anywhere.
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Manual Zoning

Zoning can be added to any new or existing ductwork installation. Inline dampers can be installed on a single branch duct to allow isolation of 1 individual outlet, or if installed on a main supply duct it can allow isolation of a group of outlets. Damper motors can be 240V or 24V power supply, and can be switched from a simple light switch, or can be controlled by a complex zoning system with thermostatically controlled zones and sensors.

Evaporative Cooler Vent Covers:

How much heat are you losing through your evaporative cooler vents. Evaporative vent covers are designed to keep the heat from escaping via the cooler vents in the ceiling during winter. They will help save money on energy bills and they are re-useable year after year. With two different styles to choose from you either white magnetic covers and clear covers.


Clear evaporative cooler vent covers are designed to suite a range of ceiling vent style and sizes. The cover is simply secured to the vent with a small hook, and the cover seals against the face of the vent or against the ceiling around the vent. Easy to order and very simple to fit to your grilles, these are the cost effective and simple way to keep the warm air from escaping from your home in winter.
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White evaporative cooler vent covers are customised to suit a variety of ceiling vent shapes and sizes. A magnetic strip sticks onto the face of the grill, which is manufactured to order to match the shape of the vent. The magnetic strip is white in colour ensuring it matches most ceiling vents and prevents it from standing out when the cover is removed. When the cover is placed onto the face of the vent it is securely held in place by the magnet. These covers take a little longer to install initially, due to the magnetic strip being applied, but everytime from thereafter they are very quick to install and remove. Be very sure you accurately measure your vents before ordering (see flyer with tips on measuring your vents).
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Air Purifiers


Your health and comfort is important. You can now breathe easy with a Daikin Air Purifier.
Designed to improve the quality of your air indoors it uses an advanced 6-layer filtration technology which purifies the air in your home by eliminating bacteria, airborne particles and odours. It is also ultra quiet with operating sound levels of as low as 16dBA helping you sleep easy at night.
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* Item images and descriptions are an example only. Some items may differ slightly in size, shape or colour from those shown on this page, and not all our accessories are listed above.



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