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Air conditioning and heating - Filter cleaning advise

Keeping your air conditioning and heating filters clean, is an important step towards cleaner and better air quality in your home, not to mention resulting in better energy efficiency and lower running costs, and prolonged equipment life.
When your air conditioning or heating filter becomes blocked or dirty, it results in a restriction of airflow into the system. This puts un-neccessary load on the fan, and increases power consumption to compensate.

Manufacturers generally recommend filter cleaning should take place every 2 weeks, but this time can vary depending on how regularly you use your system.  Simply the more you operate the system, the more often you should clean the filters.  At Dawson Heating & Cooling we suggest filters should be cleaned at least once a month during seasonal operation.  

Filter cleaning is a simple task that in most cases can be carried out yourself, by simply vacuuming or lightly hosing down your filters.  Please remember to turn the system OFF prior to removing filters.  Once the filters are removed gently vacuum them on both sides, starting with the dirty side to suck the dirt off the filter media.  Alternatively use a garden hose on low pressure, and genlty hose down the filters starting on the clean side to push the dirt out of the filter media.  Once clean, the filter should be left to dry in the shade outside, before re-installing into the system.

If your filter is hard to access, or needs regular cleaning due to being in a high traffic area or you simply just dont have the time, we can attend your home or office at scheduled intervals, and clean or replace your filters for you.  Please contact us by clicking here to enquire about scheduled maintenance or regular filter cleaning.

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